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Vehicles Electrical Systems

LED Destination signs for Shuttle Buses, Trolleybuses, Trams 
MOBITEC – Sweden
Gorba AG – Oberburen, Switzerland
Shenzhen Sunrise Opto-electrionic Technology Co., Ltd – China 
NVF GRANATO - Kyiv, Ukraine.
Development and full complex of the closed production of wiring of electric circuits for Commercial Vehicles
Production of the Full Cycle of Plaits of Electric Wiring of Buses and Trucks
Production of Duplicative Electric Wiring. 
EL-CAB Sp. Zoo., Poland.
Miunske – Elements of Electric Circuits of Commercial Vehicles – the Relay, Connectors, plugs, alarm buttons, buttons of inclusion and switching of the modes with illumination and without
Fahrzeugtechnik Miunske GmbH – Germany, Commercial vehicle electronics elements
The independent Generators which are Specially developed for Commercial Vehicles, Buses of the Equipped for Accommodation and Travel, Sea Vessels and Yachts
Onan - Micro Lite, Onan - Micro Quiet, Onan - Marquis Gold, Made in USA
Fischer Panda - Germany
HONDA EU2000i - Japan
Special Buttons with Internal Illumination of the Button for Passengers of Buses, Trolleybuses, Trams and Trains (the button of a stop, the button of opening of doors and other function...) 
ESCHA Eschaltechnik – Germany
Multimedia Systems for Buses
Robert Bosch Car Multimedia GmbH - Germany
Coach Audio - Professional Line 2, Classic Line 2, Additional audio equipment, Microphones, Multichannel Audio System - MAS
Coach Video - LCD monitors (25"; 19"; 15,4"; 15"; 10,2"), DVI system, Video sources, Additional video systems  
Coach Navigation - DVD navigation, Multimedia display,
Accessories – Cameras, Recording devices, Speakers
Systems of video surveillance and monitoring of events, external Rear-view cameras, development and installation of systems of monitoring and the video surveillance happening in Inside of the Bus during the movement on a route by the special order specialists of the company of the producer
ROSCHO Gmbh Rose & Holiet – Germany
External Fender and Internal, normal and LED lamps for Commercial Transport  
SESALY, along with SESA-CONCEPT of the SESALY SV Group-France
Tension converters for the Passenger Buses and Buses Equipped for accommodation and travel, Minibuses - 12 V/24 of V/230 V
Type Wechselrichter 12/230 V + 24/230 V
150 W., 300 W., 
Konverter DC/AC mit SINUS-Spannung 300 W
Type Wechselrichter 24 V DC/230 V AC Sinus modifiziert - 2000 W.

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